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Monday, July 26th, 2004
11:58 pm
An untitled piece of poetry from an LJ friend

A Poem from


Smoke drifts though shell holes,
As rockets fly over head.
I saw an enemy sniper,
And now I am dead.

Tracks whirr and wheels squeek,
I cannot hear myself speak,
The cannon booms and bodies fly,
In this tank is where I die.

Sonars ping and sirens wail,
Underwater my skin is pale,
Here the depth charge, one, two ,three
Underwater, there is no Cavalry.

Above white clouds, there is no sun,
Fighter pilot, thats my son,
Flying high and shooting down,
Better shooters could make him drown.

Tuesday, July 20th, 2004
3:26 am
genre change.
wordsareeternal is changing formats.

Now ANY form of poetry will be acceptable about any subject.

Some folks I was talking with found WAE's concept too limiting at first.

so go whole hog

Monday, July 12th, 2004
7:44 am
my apologies...
my apologies for the lack of updates.
I have been busy tpying like a madman for a game and work has been wierd ( as in I may have to be looking for a new job, :-( ) I will correct the
problems forthwith.
Wednesday, July 7th, 2004
11:43 pm
no title really...
My first post in here. I just thought I'd write something encouraging... as I'm rather depressed and needed some encouragement. eh heh.

If it only
hurts a little,
bite your tongue and show restraint.
If their promises
were empty,
live as if they
had some weight.

If the only
chorus in your
soul is mellow and withdrawn,
pour it out as
if the words
were birthed in
brightness all along.

If you can't
forget the heartache,
if the pain's too much to bear,
from another find
your solace,
friends are fast to
make repair.

If your dreams
awakened haunt you,
if tomorrow's just a lie,
within them find
their message, and
within them only
will you die.

Current Mood: melancholy
Thursday, June 10th, 2004
10:45 am
I wanted
I tried
I got
I deserved
I lost
I mourned
I died
I was reborn
To die again

Current Mood: lost
Monday, May 24th, 2004
9:25 pm
we need another prophet
somewhere in heaven Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed are sitting together.
The Three of them peer down at the earth and see
all that is being done wrong
In the name of the revelations they brought
their fellow man.
Moses is pleading with God to give man more time to mature,
Jesus is begging God to forgive man of his sins,
and Mohammed is holding back the angels of retribution with a glare.
Unseen among the celestial throng sits a little soul.
Gentle of heart, but strong of deeds.
Quick to soothe, and slow to wrong.
Concerned with the bettermenat of all, not afraid to commit itself to doing what is right.
Waiting to be born over and over, in each generation.
We are it's copies.
We need a new prophet, and it is us.

Monday, May 17th, 2004
2:29 pm
the tarnished rule
in my home town a man shot another over five dollars.
in the county in which I reside there was a woman
who slew her three young children. She did it to prevent her husband from winning custody of the children in their divorce.
in the city north of me there is violence, riots, from men calling for the death of any white police officer. It is unreasoning, a war cry that is broadcast over the airwaves. A clergyman calling for his black brothers to rise up and defeat the children of the devil, who according to him have white skin.
in the nation that I live in men and women are losing their rights not for what they have done but for what 19 men who looked like them did three years ago. Foreign workers are brought in, given barely adequate health care and residences by companies that sold their soul to some profit driven demon long ago. The same workers are spat on and resented by the nation.
in the world that I live in men crying "God is Great!" murder , yes murder, breaking a command of the God they claim to believe in, and hold up his head for cameras world wide.
in the world that I live in the Nazarene Prophet would advise me to "turn the other cheek," and "that you are to treat others as you wish to be treated."
It sounds appealing, but the world seems to be deaf.
Until it clears the wax from it's ears I shall go armed.
Friday, May 14th, 2004
11:58 pm
Love is a terrible thing.
One falls into it without a chance to think about the consequences.
One loves completely or not at all, caution has no voice that can be heard by a lover.
Nor wisdom, as the lover will engage in any folly to attain the attention of his beloved.
Nor sanity, as the fanciful schemes and aspirations of a lover's heart take no notice
of how flawed the logic behind it may be.
Nor does it see clearly, since love can deceive a lover into thinking that the illusion we construct in the first few moments is the reality of the person who is our beloved.
Love is a fine and sometimes bitter wine.
May we never be sober.

-sp613. May 14, 2004 .
Thursday, May 13th, 2004
1:15 pm
Welcome to new members.
Hello my cadre of friends.

Words Are Eternal has added d_fool from Australia, as well as Labile and WorldXEater from Florida, to the membership roll.
Buttons will be in the mail as soon as I recieve submissions.
It can be a poem, a short story, or a joke.


Current Mood: optimistic
Wednesday, May 12th, 2004
7:10 pm
This is a spin-off of Hafiz's poem called I Think Of You in my own words and my own thoughts.

I say, "Be my love until the moon no longer shines."
You say, "Do not worry, my love, I will love you as the sea loves the shore and cannot live without it."

I say, "But the sea is fickle and the tides are ever-changing!"
You say, "Is the moon that you promised not so fickle? Every quarter it changes face!"

I say, "I will never change and my love for you will never fade."
You say, "I promise the same."

I say, "Why have you grown distant? Your love seems to wane."
You say, "It is nothing, I assure you, I grow tired of your questioning."

I say, "Please my love, let me inside your cold shell, I wish only to touch your cold heart with my warm embrace."
You say, "It cannot be touched, it is beyond you now, leave it be."

I say, "I can not give up on the one thing that I have lived my life for, please do not send me away."
You say, "No one can help me now and you never could."

I say, "I will wait for you until the end of time."
You say, "Don't."

My heart is broken, shattered into a million strewn pieces. How do I love again? How do I trust again? How do I give myself totally to someone else without fear?

I must have faith. I must believe that everything has a purpose, that everything happens for a reason. I must lift myself up and learn to love again, without hesitation. It will take time, but when the time comes, I will be ready.

--Carolyn Robertson zoo_keeper, May 12, 2004
3:09 pm
First New Member Button Is In The Mail!!!
Zoo_keeper has become the community's first new member.

soon as we get the poem for post, the post gets the button.

3:04 pm
WOOT FROM Labile!!!
Labile has created an icon for the community.
For those of you who may not have bumped into her art work or poetry, check out MutedFaith.com

It's an interesting bit of history here, Labile got the title for her web-comic, Wicked Alchemy, from a poem I wrote a long time ago. She's given us this awesome icon from a poem she wrote in high school
10:46 am
The First Flame
You have kindled my heart
with letters of holy flame.
Though I do not yet fully know
the words I utter
I will not let the fire
to embers gutter
nor ash alone remain.

-sp613. May 12, 2004

Current Mood: accomplished
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